Tom Colclough Medal and Prize 2010

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In recognition of learned contribution to understanding microstructure, mechanical properties, fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering connected with the iron and steel industry. Awarded to Professor T Neville Baker FIMMM, retired from the University of Strathclyde, for research into microalloyed steels. He began his career by studying the use of vanadium in microalloyed steels, and over the 40 years that followed he expanded into the use of titanium and zirconium. He used thin foil TEM to further knowledge of the combined carbonitride phases that form in some steels. His work has covered toughness in heat affected zones of welded products and includes upstream research into microalloyed thin slab steels. Employing this knowledge has helped plant operators better understand the direct charging process, which has led to energy and yield savings.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsInstitute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)