The First finalist in the Engineer magazine’s "Collaborate to Innovate" award in the category of Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability (2016)

  • Yan, Xiu (Recipient), Scott, R. (Recipient) & Kisdi, A. (Recipient)

Prize: National/international honour


Professor Yan has led AgriRover project which was shortlisted as the first project in the list for the award of Collaborate To Innovate (C2I) in the category of Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability, the Engineer’s prestigious new awards initiative 2016; AgriRover was selected as an exemplar demonstrator, representing the Science Technology Facilities Council of Research Councils UK to showcase leading scientific research and innovation through research collaboration at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) Conference in Manchester in 2016.
Granting OrganisationsUK space agency  

Awarded at event

Event titleThe Engineer Magazine "Collaborate to Innovate" Competition
LocationLondon, London, United KingdomShow on map
Period7 Sep 2016


  • Robotics, Agricultural robotics, AgriRover, Space robotics