Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The funds awarded through the LEADERS programme are aimed at Scottish Early Career Researchers (ECRs). A LEADERS award is intended to allow ECRs to develop the skills and leadership qualities required to become successful research professionals, be it in academia or industry. This programme is designed to allow ECRs to access training courses, set aside time for grant writing and undertake placements or exchanges outwith their normal work setting, as an integrated part of their research activities (as illustrated in Diagram 1). External placements must include a period of at least one month in a commercial/industrial setting. A typical award that includes all the training and exchanges will have duration of at least 12 months and can be up to 2 years. Prior to applying for a LEADERS award, ECRs should conduct a review of their existing skills, identify their training and development needs and develop a personal training and development plan that includes the elements specified below
Granting OrganisationsScottish University Life Science Alliance