MOBILELAND Community Garden

  • Suau, Cristian (Recipient)

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Principal leader: Dr Cristian Suau MOBILELAND GLASGOW. The Glasgow City Council (GCC) has awarded our design initiative and offered a free compound at Cathcart road in Glasgow (Greek Thomson church) to implement an ecological and educational activity called MOBILELAND, which is part of the VIP projects: MOBILELAND aims to create new greenery and a communal play place in an abandoned lot to establish and cultivate their own urban flora, food and ecosystems. MOBILELAND is a versatile landscape scheme, which has the potential to enhance public spaces and offers community groups, schools and those without gardens their very own portion of land. Its aim is to produce innovative landscape architecture based on the theme of reduce, re-use and recycle ‘on wheels’. 'MOBILELAND' is a ludic and plural open-air lab. In addition, MOBILELAND© GLASGOW is part of the members of to the COST EU network called ‘Urban Allotments’: and
Granting OrganisationsGlasgow City Council, Stalled Spaces


  • community garden
  • stalled sapces
  • urban regeneration