Galileo Masters EUSPA Space for FUN Challenge (2nd place)

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Submission abstract: Safe Passage is a nautical mapping and routing service powered from space that makes hazardous tidal regions safe to navigate. Globally, there are over 13 million hectares of tidal flats (that’s roughly the size of Greece) that are the largest constituent of today’s uncharted waters. Tidal flats provide natural coastal defences, resources, and arenas for outdoor leisure for around 2.5 billion people. Because of their dynamic and changing nature, tidal flats remain uncharted and unsafe to navigate. Safe Passage offers frequent, automated mapping for safe access and navigation in tidal zones. The service ensures frequent nautical chart updates independent of cloud cover. Its proprietary algorithm detects changes between images and automatically identifies changes in navigable channel locations. On this basis, Safe Passage generates navigation routes for smartphones and digital navigation systems to ensure safe routing.
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