Copernicus Masters - University Challenge

  • Owens, Steven Robert (Recipient)

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Service summary

Beinn (Scottish word for Mountain) Bike is a revolutionary application offering cyclists a novel way of finding new routes to meet their personal preferences. The idea came about after the Beinn bike team spent a lot of time trawling maps, blogs and websites looking for new epic routes to match their criteria, without knowing the current track conditions and if the route was even suitable for a bike. To solve this, Beinn Bike was developed. It uses rider preferences such as start/end point, distance, difficulty and elevation gain to offer cycle route recommendations matching these demands. The app exploits map, terrain, Earth Observation (SAR and optical from Sentinel-1 and -2) and GPS/Galileo data, and uses novel algorithms to identify appropriate routes. The satellite data then provides up-to-date trail conditions. The potential number of users is estimated between 10 – 50 million worldwide.

Customer Benefit

Imagine yourself dumped in the middle of the Alps with your mountain bike. Now try and find a route that gives you 3 hours ride-time, 1200-meter elevation gain and a gnarly descent with epic scenery.
Easy? Yes, leave the planning up to Beinn Bike!

The Expertise

«The jury selected Beinn Bike as the 2017 winner of the university challenge as it represents an ideal combination of high personal engagement, an innovative concept and promising commercial potential.»

Company info

Dr Steve Owens / Dr Christopher Lowe
Beinn Bike
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsEuropean Commission