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  • Data for: "Search for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts during LIGO science run 6 and Virgo science runs 2 and 3"

    Abadie, J. (Creator), Abbott, B. P. (Creator), Abbott, R. (Creator), Abbott, T. D. (Creator), Abernathy, M. (Creator), Accadia, T. (Creator), Acernese, F. (Creator), Adams, C. (Creator), Adhikari, R. X. (Creator), Affeldt, C. (Creator), Agathos, M. (Creator), Agatsuma, K. (Creator), Ajith, P. (Creator), Allen, B. (Creator), Ceron, E. A. (Creator), Amariutei, D. (Creator), Anderson, S. B. (Creator), Anderson, W. G. (Creator), Arai, K. (Creator), Arain, M. A. (Creator), Araya, M. C. (Creator), Aston, S. M. (Creator), Astone, P. (Creator), Atkinson, D. (Creator), Aufmuth, P. (Creator), Aulbert, C. (Creator), Aylott, B. E. (Creator), Babak, S. (Creator), Baker, P. (Creator), Ballardin, G. (Creator), Ballmer, S. (Creator), Barayoga, J. C. B. (Contributor), Barker, D. (Creator), Barone, F. (Creator), Barr, B. (Creator), Barsotti, L. (Creator), Barsuglia, M. (Creator), Barton, M. A. (Creator), Bartos, I. (Creator), Bassiri, R. (Creator), Bastarrika, M. (Creator), Basti, A. (Creator), Batch, J. (Creator), Bauchrowitz, J. (Creator), Bauer, T. S. (Contributor), Bebronne, M. (Creator), Beck, D. (Creator), Behnke, B. (Creator), Bejger, M. (Creator), Beker, M. G. (Creator), Bell, A. S. (Creator), Belopolski, I. (Creator), Benacquista, M. (Creator), Berliner, J. M. (Creator), Bertolini, A. (Creator), Betzwieser, J. (Creator), Beveridge, N. (Creator), Beyersdorf, P. T. (Creator), Bilenko, I. A. (Creator), Billingsley, G. (Creator), Birch, J. (Creator), Biswas, R. (Creator), Bitossi, M. (Creator), Bizouard, M. A. (Creator), Black, E. (Creator), Blackburn, J. K. (Creator), Blackburn, L. (Creator), Blair, D. (Creator), Bland, B. (Creator), Blom, M. (Creator), Bock, O. (Creator), Bodiya, T. P. (Creator), Bogan, C. (Creator), Bondarescu, R. (Creator), Bondu, F. (Creator), Bonelli, L. (Creator), Bonnand, R. (Creator), Bork, R. (Creator), Born, M. (Creator), Boschi, V. (Creator), Bose, S. (Creator), Bosi, L. (Creator), Bouhou, B. (Creator), Braccini, S. (Creator), Bradaschia, C. (Creator), Brady, P. R. (Creator), Braginsky, V. B. (Creator), Branchesi, M. (Creator), Brau, J. E. (Creator), Breyer, J. (Creator), Briant, T. (Creator), Bridges, D. O. (Creator), Brillet, A. (Creator), Brinkmann, M. (Creator), Brisson, V. (Creator), Britzger, M. (Creator), Brooks, A. F. (Creator), Brown, D. A. (Creator), Bulik, T. (Creator), Bulten, H. J. (Creator), Buonanno, A. (Creator), Burguet-Castell, J. (Creator), Buskulic, D. (Creator), Buy, C. (Creator), Byer, R. L. (Creator), Cadonati, L. (Creator), Calloni, E. (Creator), Camp, J. B. (Creator), Campsie, P. (Creator), Cannizzo, J. (Creator), Cannon, K. (Creator), Canuel, B. (Creator), Cao, J. (Creator), Capano, C. D. (Creator), Carbognani, F. (Creator), Carbone, L. (Creator), Caride, S. (Creator), Caudill, S. (Creator), Cavaglià, M. (Contributor), Cavalier, F. (Creator), Cavalieri, R. (Creator), Cella, G. (Creator), Cepeda, C. (Creator), Cesarini, E. (Creator), Chaibi, O. (Creator), Chalermsongsak, T. (Creator), Charlton, P. (Creator), Chassande-Mottin, E. (Creator), Chelkowski, S. (Creator), Chen, W. (Creator), Chen, X. (Creator), Chen, Y. (Creator), Chincarini, A. (Creator), Chiummo, A. (Creator), Cho, H. S. (Creator), Chow, J. (Creator), Christensen, N. (Creator), Chua, S. S. Y. (Contributor), Chung, C. T. Y. (Creator), Chung, S. (Creator), Ciani, G. (Creator), Clara, F. (Creator), Clark, D. E. (Creator), Clark, J. (Creator), Clayton, J. (Creator), Cleva, F. (Creator), Coccia, E. (Creator), Cohadon, P. (Creator), Colacino, C. N. (Creator), Colas, J. (Creator), Colla, A. (Creator), Colombini, M. (Creator), Conte, A. (Creator), Conte, R. (Creator), Cook, D. (Creator), Corbitt, T. R. (Creator), Cordier, M. (Creator), Cornish, N. (Creator), Corsi, A. (Creator), Costa, C. A. (Creator), Coughlin, M. (Creator), Coulon, J. (Creator), Couvares, P. (Creator), Coward, D. M. (Creator), Cowart, M. (Creator), Coyne, D. C. (Creator), Creighton, J. D. E. (Creator), Creighton, T. D. (Creator), Cruise, A. M. (Creator), Cumming, A. (Creator), Cunningham, L. (Creator), Cuoco, E. (Creator), Cutler, R. M. (Creator), Dahl, K. (Creator), Danilishin, S. L. (Creator), Dannenberg, R. (Creator), D'Antonio, S. (Creator), Danzmann, K. (Creator), Dattilo, V. (Creator), Daudert, B. (Creator), Daveloza, H. (Creator), Davier, M. (Creator), Daw, E. J. (Creator), Day, R. (Creator), Dayanga, T. (Creator), De Rosa, R. R. (Creator), Debra, D. (Creator), Debreczeni, G. (Creator), Degallaix, J. (Creator), Del Pozzo, P. W. (Creator), Del Prete, P. M. (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Dergachev, V. (Creator), Derosa, R. (Contributor), Desalvo, R. (Contributor), Dhurandhar, S. (Creator), Di Fiore, F. L. (Creator), Di Lieto, L. A. (Creator), Di Palma, P. I. (Creator), Di Paolo Emilio, P. E. M. (Creator), Di Virgilio, V. A. (Creator), Díaz, M. (Contributor), Dietz, A. (Creator), Donovan, F. (Creator), Dooley, K. L. (Creator), Drago, M. (Creator), Drever, R. W. P. (Contributor), Driggers, J. C. (Creator), Du, Z. (Creator), Dumas, J. (Creator), Dwyer, S. (Creator), Eberle, T. (Creator), Edgar, M. (Creator), Edwards, M. (Creator), Effler, A. (Creator), Ehrens, P. (Creator), Endrczi, G. (Contributor), Engel, R. (Creator), Etzel, T. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Evans, M. (Creator), Evans, T. (Creator), Factourovich, M. (Creator), Fafone, V. (Creator), Fairhurst, S. (Creator), Fan, Y. (Creator), Farr, B. F. (Creator), Fazi, D. (Creator), Fehrmann, H. (Creator), Feldbaum, D. (Creator), Feroz, F. (Creator), Ferrante, I. (Creator), Fidecaro, F. (Creator), Finn, L. S. (Creator), Fiori, I. (Creator), Fisher, R. P. (Creator), Flaminio, R. (Creator), Flanigan, M. (Creator), Foley, S. (Creator), Forsi, E. (Creator), Forte, L. A. (Creator), Fotopoulos, N. (Creator), Fournier, J. (Creator), Franc, J. (Creator), Franco, S. (Creator), Frasca, S. (Creator), Frasconi, F. (Creator), Frede, M. (Creator), Frei, M. (Creator), Frei, Z. (Creator), Freise, A. (Creator), Frey, R. (Creator), Fricke, T. T. (Creator), Friedrich, D. (Creator), Fritschel, P. (Creator), Frolov, V. V. (Creator), Fujimoto, M. (Creator), Fulda, P. J. (Creator), Fyffe, M. (Creator), Gair, J. (Creator), Galimberti, M. (Creator), Gammaitoni, L. (Creator), Garcia, J. (Creator), Garufi, F. (Creator), Gáspár, M. E. (Contributor), Gehrels, N. (Creator), Gemme, G. (Creator), Geng, R. (Creator), Genin, E. (Creator), Gennai, A. (Creator), Gergely, L. A. (Creator), Ghosh, S. (Creator), Giaime, J. A. (Creator), Giampanis, S. (Creator), Giardina, K. D. (Creator), Giazotto, A. (Creator), Gil-Casanova, S. (Creator), Gill, C. (Creator), Gleason, J. (Creator), Goetz, E. (Creator), Goggin, L. M. (Creator), González, G. (Contributor), Gorodetsky, M. L. (Creator), Goler, S. (Contributor), Gouaty, R. (Creator), Graef, C. (Creator), Graff, P. B. (Creator), Granata, M. (Creator), Grant, A. (Creator), Gras, S. (Creator), Gray, C. (Creator), Gray, N. (Creator), Greenhalgh, R. J. S. (Contributor), Gretarsson, A. M. (Creator), Greverie, C. (Creator), Grosso, R. (Creator), Grote, H. (Creator), Grunewald, S. (Creator), Guidi, G. M. (Creator), Guido, C. (Creator), Gupta, R. (Creator), Gustafson, E. K. (Creator), Gustafson, R. (Creator), Ha, T. (Creator), Hallam, J. M. (Creator), Hammer, D. (Creator), Hammond, G. (Creator), Hanks, J. (Creator), Hanna, C. (Creator), Hanson, J. (Creator), Hardt, A. (Creator), Harms, J. (Creator), Harry, G. M. (Creator), Harry, I. W. (Creator), Harstad, E. D. (Creator), Hartman, M. T. (Creator), Haughian, K. (Creator), Hayama, K. (Creator), Hayau, J. (Creator), Heefner, J. (Creator), Heidmann, A. (Creator), Heintze, M. C. (Creator), Heitmann, H. (Creator), Hello, P. (Creator), Hendry, M. A. (Creator), Heng, I. S. (Creator), Heptonstall, A. W. (Creator), Herrera, V. (Creator), Hewitson, M. (Creator), Hild, S. (Creator), Hoak, D. (Creator), Hodge, K. A. (Creator), Holt, K. (Creator), Holtrop, M. (Creator), Hong, T. (Creator), Hooper, S. (Creator), Hosken, D. J. (Creator), Hough, J. (Creator), Howell, E. J. (Creator), Hughey, B. (Creator), Husa, S. (Creator), Huttner, S. H. (Creator), Huynh-Dinh, T. (Creator), Ingram, D. R. (Creator), Inta, R. (Creator), Isogai, T. (Creator), Ivanov, A. (Creator), Izumi, K. (Creator), Jacobson, M. (Creator), James, E. (Creator), Jang, Y. J. (Creator), Jaranowski, P. (Creator), Jesse, E. (Creator), Johnson, W. W. (Creator), Jones, D. I. (Creator), Jones, G. (Creator), Jones, R. (Creator), Jonker, R. J. G. (Contributor), Ju, L. (Creator), Kalmus, P. (Creator), Kalogera, V. (Creator), Kandhasamy, S. (Creator), Kang, G. (Creator), Kanner, J. B. (Creator), Kasturi, R. (Creator), Katsavounidis, E. (Creator), Katzman, W. (Creator), Kaufer, H. (Creator), Kawabe, K. (Creator), Kawamura, S. (Creator), Kawazoe, F. (Creator), Kelley, D. (Creator), Kells, W. (Creator), Keppel, D. G. (Creator), Keresztes, Z. (Creator), Khalaidovski, A. (Creator), Khalili, F. Y. (Creator), Khazanov, E. A. (Creator), Kim, B. K. (Creator), Kim, C. (Creator), Kim, H. (Creator), Kim, K. (Creator), Kim, N. (Creator), Kim, Y. M. (Creator), King, P. J. (Creator), Kinzel, D. L. (Creator), Kissel, J. S. (Creator), Klimenko, S. (Creator), Kokeyama, K. (Creator), Kondrashov, V. (Creator), Koranda, S. (Creator), Korth, W. Z. (Creator), Kowalska, I. (Creator), Kozak, D. (Creator), Kranz, O. (Creator), Kringel, V. (Creator), Krishnamurthy, S. (Creator), Krishnan, B. (Creator), Królak, A. (Contributor), Kuehn, G. (Creator), Kumar, P. (Creator), Kumar, R. (Creator), Kwee, P. (Creator), Lam, P. K. (Creator), Landry, M. (Creator), Lantz, B. (Creator), Lastzka, N. (Creator), Lawrie, C. (Creator), Lazzarini, A. (Creator), Leaci, P. (Creator), Lee, C. H. (Creator), Lee, H. M. (Creator), Lee, H. M. (Creator), Leong, J. R. (Creator), Leonor, I. (Creator), Leroy, N. (Creator), Letendre, N. (Creator), Li, J. (Creator), Li, T. G. F. (Creator), Liguori, N. (Creator), Lindquist, P. E. (Creator), LIU, Y. (Creator), Liu, Z. (Creator), Lockerbie, N. (Creator), Lodhia, D. (Creator), Lorenzini, M. (Creator), Loriette, V. (Creator), Lormand, M. (Creator), Losurdo, G. (Creator), Lough, J. (Creator), Luan, J. (Creator), Lubinski, M. (Creator), Lück, H. (Contributor), Lundgren, A. P. (Creator), MacDonald, E. (Contributor), MacHenschalk, B. (Contributor), MacInnis, M. (Creator), MacLeod, D. M. (Contributor), Mageswaran, M. (Creator), Mailand, K. (Creator), Majorana, E. (Creator), Maksimovic, I. (Creator), Malvezzi, V. (Creator), Man, N. (Creator), Mandel, I. (Creator), Mandic, V. (Creator), Mantovani, M. (Creator), Marandi, A. (Creator), Marchesoni, F. (Creator), Marion, F. (Creator), Márka, S. (Contributor), Márka, Z. (Contributor), Markosyan, A. (Creator), Maros, E. (Creator), Marque, J. (Creator), Martelli, F. (Creator), Martin, I. W. (Creator), Martin, R. M. (Creator), Marx, J. N. (Creator), Mason, K. (Creator), Masserot, A. (Creator), Matichard, F. (Creator), Matone, L. (Creator), Matzner, R. A. (Creator), Mavalvala, N. (Creator), Mazzolo, G. (Creator), McCarthy, R. (Creator), McClelland, D. E. (Creator), McGuire, S. C. (Creator), McIntyre, G. (Creator), McIver, J. (Creator), McKechan, D. J. A. (Contributor), McWilliams, S. (Creator), Meadors, G. D. (Creator), Mehmet, M. (Creator), Meier, T. (Creator), Melatos, A. (Creator), Melissinos, A. C. (Creator), Mendell, G. (Creator), Mercer, R. A. (Creator), Meshkov, S. (Creator), Messenger, C. (Creator), Meyer, M. S. (Creator), Miao, H. (Creator), Michel, C. (Creator), Milano, L. (Creator), Miller, J. (Creator), Minenkov, Y. (Creator), Mitrofanov, V. P. (Creator), Mitselmakher, G. (Creator), Mittleman, R. (Creator), Miyakawa, O. (Creator), Moe, B. (Creator), Mohan, M. (Creator), Mohanty, S. D. (Creator), Mohapatra, S. R. P. (Contributor), Moraru, D. (Creator), Moreno, G. (Creator), Morgado, N. (Creator), Morgia, A. (Creator), Mori, T. (Creator), Morriss, S. R. (Creator), Mosca, S. (Creator), Mossavi, K. (Creator), Mours, B. (Creator), Mow-Lowry, C. M. (Creator), Mueller, C. L. (Creator), Mueller, G. (Creator), Mukherjee, S. (Creator), Mullavey, A. (Creator), Müller-Ebhardt, H. (Contributor), Munch, J. (Creator), Murphy, D. (Creator), Murray, P. (Creator), Mytidis, A. (Creator), Nash, T. (Creator), Naticchioni, L. (Creator), Necula, V. (Creator), Nelson, J. (Creator), Neri, I. (Creator), Newton, G. (Creator), Nguyen, T. (Creator), Nishizawa, A. (Creator), Nitz, A. (Creator), Nocera, F. (Creator), Nolting, D. (Creator), Normandin, M. E. (Creator), Nuttall, L. (Creator), Ochsner, E. (Creator), O'Dell, J. (Contributor), Oelker, E. (Creator), Ogin, G. H. (Creator), Oh, J. J. (Creator), Oh, S. H. (Creator), O'Reilly, B. (Contributor), O'Shaughnessy, R. (Contributor), Osthelder, C. (Creator), Ott, C. D. (Creator), Ottaway, D. J. (Creator), Ottens, R. S. (Creator), Overmier, H. (Creator), Owen, B. J. (Creator), Page, A. (Creator), Palladino, L. (Creator), Palomba, C. (Creator), Pan, Y. (Creator), Pankow, C. (Creator), Paoletti, F. (Creator), Paoletti, R. (Creator), Papa, M. A. (Creator), Parisi, M. (Creator), Pasqualetti, A. (Creator), Passaquieti, R. (Creator), Passuello, D. (Creator), Patel, P. (Creator), Pedraza, M. (Creator), Peiris, P. (Creator), Pekowsky, L. (Creator), Penn, S. (Creator), Perreca, A. (Creator), Persichetti, G. (Creator), Phelps, M. (Creator), Pichot, M. (Creator), Pickenpack, M. (Creator), Piergiovanni, F. (Creator), Pietka, M. (Creator), Pinard, L. (Creator), Pinto, I. M. (Creator), Pitkin, M. (Creator), Pletsch, H. J. (Creator), Plissi, M. V. (Creator), Poggiani, R. (Creator), Pöld, J. (Contributor), Postiglione, F. (Creator), Prato, M. (Creator), Predoi, V. (Creator), Prestegard, T. (Creator), Price, L. R. (Creator), Prijatelj, M. (Creator), Principe, M. (Creator), Privitera, S. (Creator), Prix, R. (Creator), Prodi, G. A. (Creator), Prokhorov, L. G. (Creator), Puncken, O. (Creator), Punturo, M. (Creator), Puppo, P. (Creator), Quetschke, V. (Creator), Quitzow-James, R. (Creator), Raab, F. J. (Creator), Rabeling, D. S. (Creator), Rácz, I. (Contributor), Radkins, H. (Creator), Raffai, P. (Creator), Rakhmanov, M. (Creator), Rankins, B. (Creator), Rapagnani, P. (Creator), Raymond, V. (Creator), Re, V. (Creator), Redwine, K. (Creator), Reed, C. M. (Creator), Reed, T. (Creator), Regimbau, T. (Creator), Reid, S. (Creator), Reitze, D. H. (Creator), Ricci, F. (Creator), Riesen, R. (Creator), Riles, K. (Creator), Robertson, N. A. (Creator), Robinet, F. (Creator), Robinson, C. (Creator), Robinson, E. L. (Creator), Rocchi, A. (Creator), Roddy, S. (Creator), Rodriguez, C. (Creator), Rodruck, M. (Creator), Rolland, L. (Creator), Rollins, J. G. (Creator), Romano, J. D. (Creator), Romano, R. (Creator), Romie, J. H. (Creator), Rosińska, D. (Contributor), Röver, C. (Contributor), Rowan, S. (Creator), Rüdiger, A. (Contributor), Ruggi, P. (Creator), Ryan, K. (Creator), Sainathan, P. (Creator), Salemi, F. (Creator), Sammut, L. (Creator), Sandberg, V. (Creator), Sannibale, V. (Creator), Santamaría, L. (Contributor), Santiago-Prieto, I. (Creator), Santostasi, G. (Creator), Sassolas, B. (Creator), Sathyaprakash, B. S. (Creator), Sato, S. (Creator), Saulson, P. R. (Creator), Savage, R. L. (Creator), Schilling, R. (Creator), Schnabel, R. (Creator), Schofield, R. M. S. (Contributor), Schreiber, E. (Creator), Schulz, B. (Creator), Schutz, B. F. (Creator), Schwinberg, P. (Creator), Scott, J. (Creator), Scott, S. M. (Creator), Seifert, F. (Creator), Sellers, D. (Creator), Sentenac, D. (Creator), Sergeev, A. (Creator), Shaddock, D. A. (Creator), Shaltev, M. (Creator), Shapiro, B. (Creator), Shawhan, P. (Creator), Shoemaker, D. H. (Creator), Sibley, A. (Creator), Siemens, X. (Creator), Sigg, D. (Creator), Singer, A. (Creator), Singer, L. (Creator), Sintes, A. M. (Creator), Skelton, G. R. (Creator), Slagmolen, B. J. J. (Contributor), Slutsky, J. (Creator), Smith, J. R. (Creator), Smith, M. R. (Creator), Smith, R. J. E. (Creator), Smith-Lefebvre, N. D. (Creator), Somiya, K. (Creator), Sorazu, B. (Creator), Soto, J. (Creator), Speirits, F. C. (Creator), Sperandio, L. (Creator), Stefszky, M. (Creator), Stein, A. J. (Creator), Stein, L. C. (Creator), Steinert, E. (Creator), Steinlechner, J. (Creator), Steinlechner, S. (Creator), Steplewski, S. (Creator), Stochino, A. (Creator), Stone, R. (Creator), Strain, K. A. (Creator), Strigin, S. E. (Creator), Stroeer, A. S. (Creator), Sturani, R. (Creator), Stuver, A. L. (Creator), Summerscales, T. Z. (Creator), Sung, M. (Creator), Susmithan, S. (Creator), Sutton, P. J. (Creator), Swinkels, B. (Creator), Tacca, M. (Creator), Taffarello, L. (Creator), Talukder, D. (Creator), Tanner, D. B. (Creator), Tarabrin, S. P. (Creator), Taylor, J. R. (Creator), Taylor, R. (Creator), Ter Braack, B. A. P. M. (Contributor), Thomas, P. (Creator), Thorne, K. A. (Creator), Thorne, K. S. (Creator), Thrane, E. (Creator), Thüring, A. (Contributor), Tokmakov, K. V. 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