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Rachel Shannon


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Personal Statement

I am a third-year PhD student in the Laboratory for Innovation in Autism.  My research centres around language development and use in autistic children and non-speaking adults, extending to consider the interactions in which they participate.

I have a First Class MA (Hons) in Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh and experience working in education at various levels.

Research Interests

My research interests span a number of topics.  Whilst my PhD research is focused on language development and use in autistic children and non-speaking adults, I am also interested in language acquisition more generally, language pathology, and themes relating to education.

Education/Academic qualification

ADOS Administrator, Edinburgh ADOS Consortium

Award Date: 1 Oct 2022

Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics: The effects of parent verbal responsiveness on the lexical development of two- and three-year-old autistic children., UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH

Award Date: 22 Jun 2021

External positions

English Teacher, Class Tutor

31 Jan 2023 → …

Copyeditor, theGIST: the Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology

1 Sept 2022 → …

PhD Tutor, The Brilliant Club

24 Sept 202114 Feb 2024

Copyeditor, The Journal of the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain

10 Oct 202022 May 2022


  • language acquisition
  • Autism
  • language development
  • Education
  • non-speaking


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(Creator), Stappers, B. W. (Creator) & Weltevrede, P. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 12 Jan 2023