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Jed Hanson Moore


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Currently, my primary research focuses around sceptical perspectives on management and leadership, with supplementary interests in Agile project management, ethnography and research methods drawing on the work of Wittgenstein.

Personal Statement

I am a Teaching Fellow coordinating undergraduate classes in management and reflective practice for managers. My other teaching interests include contemporary management trends and techniques. This interest stems from my research, which is primarily aimed at establishing sceptical understandings of widely known improvement practices and methodologies. In this way, my work informs my contact with students, shaping my encouragements towards a practice grounded in values of pragmatism.

I am currently writing corrections to my thesis post-viva. Prior to my PhD I worked in industry for a time, having just graduated from an engineering undergraduate and business masters. I found the experience enlightening and it was characterised by a complexity which theory did little to address. My interests were and still are guided by the contradictory experiences I faced in my attempts to bring my theory in line with the world and my world in line with my theory. My research addresses this divide, exploring the liminal spaces between rhetoric and practice and the implications of that which may go unaddressed in these spaces. Recently, my focus has been directed towards Agile project management in particular and the challenges around democratic practice in traditionally hierarchical organisations. I have a substantial secondary interest in the philosophy of Wittgenstein and methods relying on his works.

Teaching Interests

Coordinator of MG317 - The Reflective Manager

Co-lectured and tutored on a range of courses in the management track at undergraduate and postgraduate level:

  • BF101 - Management Development Programme 1
  • MG209 - Organisational Analysis and Strategy
  • MG210 - Understanding Change in Organisations
  • MG318 - Contemporary Trends in Management Practice
  • MG417/500 - Contemporary Issues in Management
  • MG418 - Leadership and Strategy
  • MG419/508 - Contemporary Issues and Trends in International Business
  • MG934 - Professional Management Practice (for business masters)

In all my classes I look to employ a teaching approach based around principles of andragogy:

  • We work with adult learners
  • We need to find out what it is they want to know
  • We need to draw on their experiences and contextualise them
  • Our imperative is to support this learning, encouraging students on a journey of productive discovery. Discovery not just of the field, but of the self

My overall aim is to promote a reflexive engagement in students, both during university and afterwards, with the ideas and experiences they are presented with. I am committed to creating an inclusive atmosphere, where students feel they have the space to learn more about what they feel need to know.


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