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I joined the University of Strathclyde as a Teaching Associate in 2020. I teach on a range of undergraduate classes, primarily on topics related to cognition, statistics, and research methods. 

My first research interest is in multisensory perception, in particular synaesthesia and crossmodal correspondences. More recently I have started to investigate implicit bias training/ education for students, primarily student's attitudes towards it, or whether such training is useful for students.

As well as teaching I am part of the School Ethics Committee and Athena Swan Committee.

Teaching Interests

I contribute to the following classes:

C8105 Psychology 1A (Class Leader)
C8106 Psychology 1B (Class Leader)

C8107 Introduction to Psychology (Class Leader)
C8201 Cognition and Neuropsychology
C8203 Introduction to Research Design and Analysis (Class Leader)
C8426 Psychology Dissertation 
C8983 Empirical Project


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