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Projects 1974 2029

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OGIC - Arrow

Dobie, G. & Gachagan, A.


Project: Research

Feminism (in Action) Spring Into Methods

Taylor, Y.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Conference / Seminar Hosting)

Brain Cortex Capillaries and Gliovascular Interfaces in Chronic Pain

Del Grosso, V., Bravin, A., Mittone, A., Biella, G. E. M., Zippo, A. G., Coan, P. & Giardini, M. E.

Project: Research

Tadpoles evaluation

Gadda, A.

Project: Research - no external funding

Quickwin 200

Yang, H.

Project: Confidentiality

Functional characterisation of the E. coli transporter AmtB

Javelle, A. & Ferreira Machado, , A. M.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus+)

DPI 2003-00164 and DPI 2006-00714 - Adaptive Control

Rubio, L.

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

SmartMeterGB Consultancy £2500 [K660010]

Lennon, M.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

BTG: Modular power to the people

Lavado Villa, L. & Finney, S.

Project: Internally funded project

4th annual conference on Permutation Patterns 2006, Reykjavik University

Kitaev, S.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Conference / Seminar Hosting)

The Strathclyde Literacy Clinic

Thomson, J.

Project: Internally funded project