Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences

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No photo of Kenza Abdelkader

Kenza Abdelkader

Person: Teaching Only

No photo of Ahmed Abdelrahman

Ahmed Abdelrahman

No photo of Lidia Acosta

Lidia Acosta

Person: Teaching Only

Photo of Paul Adams

Paul Adams

Person: Academic

No photo of Jillian Carol Adie

Jillian Carol Adie

No photo of Dirk Ahner

Dirk Ahner

Person: Visiting Professor

No photo of Kathryn Ailes

Kathryn Ailes

No photo of Oluwafisayo Titilope Alabi
No photo of Ahmad Theyab M Alamri

Ahmad Theyab M Alamri

Photo of Mohammed ALDUAIJI


No photo of Abdalaziz Rfan A Alenezy

Abdalaziz Rfan A Alenezy

No photo of Kirsty Alexander
Photo of Despina Alexiadou
No photo of Dominic Brian Allen

Dominic Brian Allen

No photo of Abdalsalam Rashed A Almasood

Abdalsalam Rashed A Almasood

Photo of Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson

Person: Teaching Only

No photo of Jemima Anderson

Jemima Anderson

No photo of Jess Anderson

Jess Anderson

No photo of Lorna Anderson

Lorna Anderson

Photo of Carolyn Andrews
Photo of Oles Andriychuk

Oles Andriychuk

  • Law - Senior Lecturer

Person: Academic

No photo of Elish Angiolini

Elish Angiolini

  • Law - Visiting Professor

Person: Visiting Professor

Photo of Lorna Arnott
No photo of Nadeem ASLAM

Nadeem ASLAM

Photo of Tracy Atkinson

Tracy Atkinson

Person: Teaching Only

No photo of Christopher ATKINSON

Christopher ATKINSON

No photo of Zainab Attar

Zainab Attar

No photo of Natasha Attard

Natasha Attard

No photo of Ridvan Ayhan

Ridvan Ayhan

No photo of Duncan Baddon

Duncan Baddon

No photo of Stuart Bagnall

Stuart Bagnall

No photo of Lu Bai
No photo of Gillian Margaret Bain

Gillian Margaret Bain

No photo of Ian Archbald Baker

Ian Archbald Baker

No photo of Caner Bakir

Caner Bakir

Person: Visiting Professor

No photo of Barbara Jean Ball

Barbara Jean Ball

Photo of Dario Banegas
No photo of Lorna Barton

Lorna Barton

No photo of Thomas Bates

Thomas Bates

  • Law - Visiting Professor

Person: Visiting Professor

Photo of Patrick Bayer

Patrick Bayer

Person: Academic

Photo of Miles Beard

Miles Beard

Photo of Anna Beck

Anna Beck

Person: Academic

Photo of Justin Crawford Beck

Justin Crawford Beck