University of Strathclyde Innocence Project

  • Eamonn O'Neill (Participant)

Impact: Impact - for External PortalProfessional practice, training and standards


New research from University of Strathclyde ‘s Innocence Project (IP) from 2008-2012 has led to the submission of more effective cases claiming miscarriages of justice to the Criminal Cases Review Commissions (CCRCs) in both England and Scotland. The research identified how using strategic approaches researched for investigative journalism education can be utilised in constructing improved submissions on behalf of the allegedly innocent IP clients. These developments addressed the ‘investigative-gap’ many lawyers representing such cases faced when handling alleged wrongful conviction cases. The findings have been delivered to lawyers, students and policy-makers throughout the UK via a series of workshops, conference papers and published articles. They allow lawyers, other IPs in the UK Innocence Network and campaigners to deliver more focused, better-researched and more detailed submissions to the CCRCs and ultimately, where appropriate, afford the applicants a greater possibility of a successful referral to the Appeal Court.
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Category of impactProfessional practice, training and standards