The adoption of consistent risk assessment and management techniques by multiple agencies for sexual and violent offenders in Scotland

  • Monica Barry (Participant)

Impact: Impact - for External PortalPolicy and legislation, Professional practice, training and standards


Research commissioned by the Risk Management Authority (RMA) assessed criminal justice practice in Scotland relating to high risk offenders, and provided the rationale and founding principles for the RMA to create a Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME), published in July 2011. The key findings from the research were published in a report, which recommended the need for consistency in risk definitions and guidance across criminal justice agencies, for compatibility in information sharing and training, and for greater inter-agency cooperation and accountability. These recommendations have directly influenced Government policy and practice in assessing and managing offender risk, and continue to inform how sexual offenders are currently managed and how serious violent offenders might also be managed in the future.
Impact statusOpen
Category of impactPolicy and legislation, Professional practice, training and standards


  • risk assessment
  • violent offenders
  • REF2014 impact case study