Sustainable productivity and growth through improved performance measurement and management practices in manufacturing enterprises

  • Umit Bititci (Participant)
  • MacBryde, Jillian (Participant)
  • Kepa Mendibil (Participant)
  • Nuran Acur Bakir (Participant)

Impact: Impact - for External PortalEconomic and commerce, Professional practice, training and standards


Performance measurement research at the University of Strathclyde has directly led to major economic and social improvements in over 170 companies, and indirectly to over 1000 companies through intermediaries such as Scottish Enterprise between 2008 and 2013. These benefits were achieved as a result of novel performance measurement and management practices and supporting ICT systems that integrated shop-floor, operational and strategic performance information in real time. The result was substantial productivity and growth benefits for international and UK companies, for example a 150% increase in turnover and 80% increase in employment at Highland Spring. The European wide FP7 FutureSME project (2009-2013) led by the Strathclyde team developed and delivered a €6M programme to improve the competitive capabilities of European Manufacturing SMEs. In 2012, the associated training programme developed at Strathclyde was awarded the European Training Programme of the Year Medal by the Polish Chamber of Commerce.
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Category of impactEconomic and commerce, Professional practice, training and standards


  • performance measurement
  • productivity
  • training
  • REF2014 impact case study