Senior research management, leadership and impact internally and externally

Impact: Professional practice, training and standards

Description of impact

I undertake world leading research management leading to the growth of new UKRI-funded, international Criminological research at Strathclyde University in SWSP. In my current role as Principal Investigator on the largest ESRC grant awarded to a study of penal culture in the former USSR, I have significantly enhanced the University's strategic management of funding of, and making an influential input into, embedding a University wide research management strategy where competitive grants are won in partnership with the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The geo-political landscape is changing and in great flux. Consequently, the university’s engagement with global challenges requires agile responses to political instability, due diligence, HMRC compliance, staff safety and health, travel and risk management, legal compliance with institutions not in
HMRC compliance, staff safety and health, travel and risk management, legal compliance with institutions not in the EU, contractual complexities around tax and management of diverse institutional relationships.

I therefore make a significant contribution to the leadership of University research strategy through institutional leadership, engagement and capacity building around large RCUK international and interdisciplinary grant activity, actively collaborating and sharing successful grant applications and decades of expertise and professional knowledge of international research with other departments and Faculties that aim to improve the University’s performance in complex societies.

Who is affected

University staff seeking to apply for research in under-researched jurisditcions.


I have grown to recognise the difference that good leadership makes to an academic institution in promoting excellence, collaboration with a wide range of constituencies, and responsiveness to geo-political change. More fundamentally, there are challenges for the pattern of governance, resilience and adaptability, leadership and management of large UKRI grants and I am fully aware of the impact not only of these visible, politically‐driven changes across the world but also of less visible and longer‐terms shifts in research organisation and management at the institutional level. I am very much at the forefront of these challenges and working closely with the Senior Team at Strathclyde to develop institutional responses to challenging research sites.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date20182021
Category of impactProfessional practice, training and standards