Manufacture and application of ultrafine grained metals

  • Andrzej Rosochowski (Participant)
  • Malgorzata Rosochowska (Participant)
  • Lech Olejnik (Participant)
  • Paul Wood (Participant)
  • Paul Blackwell (Participant)
  • Yakushina, Evgenia (Participant)
  • Muhammad Jawad Qarni (Participant)
  • Michal Gzyl (Participant)

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A new class of materials, known as ultrafine grained (UFG) metals, has better biocompatibility, higher strength and enhanced formability at elevated temperatures. A new technique of creating UFG metals by severe plastic deformation is being adopted by a specialist metals producer. UFG metals are considered for advanced applications in the medical and aerospace sectors. UFG metals show superior quality in manufacturing of micro-components; for the first time, micro-EDM, micromilling, microforming and diamond turning of mirror surfaces have been shown to benefit from the UFG structure of the material by achieving an improved surface finish.
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Category of impactEconomic and commerce
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  • ultrafine grained metals
  • plastic deformation
  • micromilling
  • microforming
  • aerospace