Language gains for children with persisting developmental language disorders through use of an intervention programme and support model for teachers.

  • Elspeth McCartney (Participant)
  • Susan Ellis (Participant)
  • Boyle, Jim (Participant)

Impact: Impact - for External PortalEducation, Professional practice, training and standards


Strathclyde researchers developed, via a randomised controlled trial, a replicable effective language intervention programme (SLIP) for primary-school children with persisting developmental language disorders. This was followed by a cohort study investigating SLIP’s implementation in schools, and an evaluation study providing information for speech and language therapists and teachers on implementing SLIP in the classroom: the Language Support Model (LSM). The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists included the research outcomes in commissioned economic evaluations and in their Resource Manual for commissioning and planning Speech and Language Therapy Services. Also, many speech and language therapy and education groups have requested presentations and training on SLIP and LSM. The impact of the research has been upon speech and language therapy education internationally; on therapists and teachers using SLIP and the LSM; on service commissioners; and on improved language intervention for children.
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Category of impactEducation, Professional practice, training and standards


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