Influencing Professional and Public Debate on Phonics and Literacy Teaching

  • Susan Ellis (Participant)

Impact: Impact - for External PortalPublic understanding, information and debate


From 2005 -2013, Ellis’ research has influenced the debates around reform of literacy policy, curriculum and initial teacher education in Scotland and England. It has been cited in higher education teaching, professional and public information forums, including the Universities’ Council for Educating Teachers, professional publications for teachers, national newspapers such as The Guardian, BBC TV such as Newsnight, and BBC radio programmes such as ‘You and Yours’. In all these, the study has contributed a more holistic, complex and nuanced interpretation of literacy teaching and learning by drawing attention to the wide range of evidence that education professionals, policy-makers and the public need to consider when debating how best to teach children to read.
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Category of impactPublic understanding, information and debate


  • phonics
  • reading
  • literacy teaching