Increasing inward investment in Scotland and enhancing union responses to offshoring and international labour standards

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UK companies have chosen to retain contact centres in Scotland and International companies have chosen to invest in Scotland’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in part as a result of Strathclyde research into Call Centres and offshoring in Scotland, Globalisation and Offshoring. Strathclyde researchers have worked closely with Scottish Development International (SDI) to develop Scotland as an attractive ‘nearshore’ BPO location which has changed government policy and corporate decision making – in one instance the creation of a separate corporate entity, RBS Insurance. Extension of the outsourcing research into the quality of working life, working conditions and job protection have informed labour standards promoted by the International Labour Organisation on ‘remote working’ and trade union policies on work conditions and offshoring.
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Category of impactEconomic and commerce, Policy and legislation
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  • REF2014 impact case study