Improving Pedagogical Practice

  • Euphemia MacLellan (Participant)

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Who is affected

Teachers in Schools; Teachers in Higher Education


1. My research (2004-14) into effective pedagogical practice has been adopted by teachers in schools, teacher-educators in Universities and Academics in Universities. My research alters the way teachers (of all sectors) think about, and enact, their practice.
2. The findings have influenced the ways in which these three constituencies construe teaching which, in turn, affects their students' learning. Those in the business of teaching will begin to reflect on, and genuinely adjust, their practice only when they realise that teaching is a problematic construct deeply embedded in the more elaborate construct of pedagogy. Through their own more problematised and sophisticated understandings of the educational practice of teaching, their own scholarship enables them to engage with learners in a focused and student-centred way, for the enhancement of their own and others' learning. A very specific, but relatively uncommon emphasis in my research is the importance of teachers of all persuasions appreciating the significance of the psychology of learning.
3. My research becomes known initially through conventional academic publishing and peer reviewing of papers and grant applications and then results in invitations to offer masterclasses, to induct new academics into student-centred educational practice and to model how helpfully 'powerful' a teacher needs to be
4. One specific example of the impact of my work is a recent invitation to be the only UK representative on the Advisory Board for a new Handbook on Research in Teacher Education. The handbook will be published by Sage and is planned to have world-wide coverage. As weel as being on the International Advisory Board, I have been invited to author a chapter.

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  • teaching; learning;pedagogy; teacher-learning