Flexible But Not Precarious: Towards a Sustainable Social Contract

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Department of Labour Studies, McMaster University, Toronto. In addition, there will be approximately 150 participants from municipal, provincial and federal politicians and civil servants plus a large number of community activists and labour researchers and a smaller crowd of academics and students from Southern Ontario and Toronto Canada.


I have been invited to speak at an international conference by United Way Toronto and McMaster University. The conference is hosted by the Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO) research group.

PEPSO is a joint university-community research project of McMaster University and United Way Toronto. The group are nearing the end of their first five year mandate to explore the social impacts of insecure employment in Southern Ontario with a focus on household well-being and community participation.
The goal of the international conference is to stimulate two days of discussions on how employers, governments, unions and social agencies need to change their practices in light of the changing nature of labour markets.

As part of the research team investigating precarity in community services employment, I am one of a number of academics who have been invited to speak at this conference.
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