Director of Research in two HASS Schools (Law 2009-2013 and Social Work and Social Policy 2016-2019)

Impact: Professional practice, training and standards

Description of impact

I have a sustained record of citizen-leadership through the role of Director of Research (DoR), which I have held at two schools at Strathclyde over the last ten years. My commitment to Strathclyde University, and its people, includes working with others to increase the number of colleagues engaging with writing and learning support around REF; increased numbers of colleagues attending research events, meetings, seminars; increased support for and leadership in research strategic themes in SWSP. Holding down the REF role twice in two schools and in two subject areas is rare but is testimony to the relational way I approach REF and working with University management teams.

Who is affected

Two academic schools in HASS


Impact statusOpen
Impact date20092019
Category of impactProfessional practice, training and standards


  • Director
  • research