Developed the first MSc in Fintech in the United Kindgom

  • Daniel Broby (Participant)


Description of impact

The MSc in Fintech, a course that uses technology to make financial transactions more efficient. Our MSc FinTech is jointly provided by the departments of Accounting & Finance and Management Science where relevant expertise resides across all core competencies both in teaching and research. This is a transitional masters degree and we accept students from a variety of background who want a career is this area. You will gain a comprehensive skill set using a blended learning approach that combines theory, intensive practice and industrial engagement. The course is tailored to make the graduates eminently employable in this exciting new field that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Research indicates that students with programming, data analytics and finance skills get premium starting salaries compared to graduates from any one of these disciplines. Students will also achieve Postgraduate diploma (9 months duration) in this course.

Who is affected

This impacts Scotlands perception ain the world. The MSc positions Scotland at the leading edge of Fintech skills and research. Graduates in this field will have an understanding of finance, accounting, business information systems and analytic methods, enabling them to change the way the financial world operates.


Daniel Broby is the course director of Strathclyde Business School's MSc Fintech.
Impact statusOpen
Impact dateSept 2017