Cultural, Creative and Economic Benefits of the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference

  • Angela Bartie (Participant)

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Research by Dr Angela Bartie and Dr Eleanor Bell on the 1962 Edinburgh International Writers’ Conference initiated a major global literary conference series in 15 countries, involving 262 writers and engaging thousands of audiences at events and online in a major debate about literature and its role in contemporary life. The 2012-13 Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference was conceived after Bartie and Bell contacted the Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF) early in 2010 to propose collaborative events to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Conference. This has resulted in over £700,000 in extra funding to the EIBF, the re-introduction of a multiple writer format (opening up new channels of communication amongst writers), and further underlined Scotland’s status as a major player in global literary culture through its worldwide events.
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