Convincing Evidence of New Markers to Identify the Earliest Signs of Alzheimer’s

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Following 10 years of collaboration, the results of a global initiative aimed at harmonizing neurocognitive assessments for dementia and bringing them to a scalable position, will be presented at AAIC2022 by Dr Mario Parra. Dr Parra’s network has provided convincing evidence of new markers that can identify the earliest neurocognitive features of Alzheimer’s disease.

In collaboration with Dr Francisco Lopera from the Neuroscience Group of Antioquia of Antioquia University in Medellín, Colombia (, the team have identified cognitive impairments more than 10 years before the age of onset of a rare genetic variant. More recently, with Dr Andrea Slachevsky from the Center for Geroscience, Mental Health and Metabolism (GERO) ( of the University of Chile, they mapped memory markers along the disease continuum and showed when such markers become informative (e.g., in subjective cognitive decline stages). With Dr Agustin Ibañez from BrainLat (, the team has introduced these methodologies in wide Latin American Initiatives and merged them with novel EEG methods.

Dr Gerardo Fernandez and Dr Parra from ViewMind ( have been supporting the translation of these neurocognitive developments into digital biomarkers, that can help overcome challenges to aid the early detection and intervention of such a devastating disease, in a non-invasive, affordable and culture, age and education independent assessment.

The new Cognitive Biomarker supported by ViewMind AI technology detects specific neurocognitive features of dementia years before such pathological changes become detectable via traditional forms of assessment or lead to concerns in affected individuals.

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Scientific community, Industry (pharmacological, biotechnology), Patients and their families, Health Practitioners
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