Commercial advantage through computational discovery of dynamic communicators in large digital networks

  • Desmond Higham (Participant)
  • Ernesto Estrada (Participant)
  • Grindrod, Peter (Participant)

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Research by Higham, Estrada (Strathclyde) and Grindrod (Reading) into new, computable measures for large, dynamically evolving communication networks has allowed the automatic identification of individuals who act as influencers, or efficient listeners. This research insight has been taken up by Bloom Agency (Leeds), a digital marketing and media agency. Bloom has used these ideas to strengthen their Data Insights Team, leading to investment in new jobs, generation of new business and delivery of better results for their clients. Bloom’s commercially available real time social planning software product, Whisper, builds directly on the published research, and is at the heart of the agency’s success in doubling staff numbers to 60 in recent months, having grown its annual income by 50% to £2.4Million through the use of these new tools.
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Category of impactEconomic and commerce


  • REF2014 impact case study