Hare Clip Press incl Robot Interface

  • Margo Hutchison (Manager)

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  • Advanced Forming Research Centre

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The HARE clipping press is designed for trimming flash from forgings. It is a Hydraulic 63 tonne press which is synchronised
for automated operation with 2100 tonne screw press and Electrotherm furnace.


— High speed hydraulic clipping press for removal of forging flash from as-forged parts — Max tonnage: 63 T — Ram return load: 7.5 T — Max daylight 530 mm — Max stroke 150 mm — Bed dimension: 900 x 580 mm — Advance speed 384 mm/sec — Pressing speed 33 mm/sec — Return speed 309 mm/sec — Throat depth 300 mm — Tool spigot 50 mm


NameHare Clip Press incl Robot Interface
Acquisition date27/03/12
ManufacturersPJ Trim


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