Electrotherm 5700 Furnace

  • Margo Hutchison (Manager)

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  • Advanced Forming Research Centre

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Israeli built rotary hearth furnace capable of heating samples to 1150°C ±10°C. Stepper motor indexing control of rotary table provides automated integration with Fanuc robots for automated furnace loading/unloading and transfer to press.


- Pre-heating rotary furnace for a continuous precision forging stamping & forming processes - Assures temperature uniformity of up to +/-5°C - Working temperature range 900-1150°C - Suitable for air or protective atmospheres - Inner diameter – 1000 mm - Inner useful height 350mm - Heating power 65kW - Volume 350L - Oxygen levels at 900°C - 0.1% after 35mins/0.05% after 45mins


NameElectrotherm 5700 Furnace
Acquisition date4/11/10


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