Agie Charmilles Drill edm

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  • Advanced Forming Research Centre

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Has multiple point EDM hole drilling capabilities with integrated rotating spindle allows automated erosion of holes at multiple locations with minimal intervention. On-board technology includes steel, carbide, aluminium, copper, brass cutting files. A Stainless steel table and work panel and 17 Electrode Guide Sets for 0.3 to 3.0 mm diameter hole drilling.


Multiple point Electro Discharge drilling Automated erosion of holes at multiple locations with minimal intervention Drilling depths of up to 200mm Hole diameter min 0.3 mm/max 3 mm CNC control of all axes/keyless chuck eliminating need for special collets X-axis travel: 299.7 mm Y-axis travel: 198.1 mm Z-axis travel: 302.3 mm


NameAgie Charmilles Drill edm
Acquisition date26/08/10
ManufacturersAgie Charmilles


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