Wide-angle electron beams from laser-wakefield accelerators



This dataset contains theoretical and experimental results of the properties of wide-angle electron beams ejected in the interaction of an intense laser pulse with an underdense plasma. Further details are available in the readme file.

Data embargo until 23/09/17
Date made available23 Mar 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production1 Feb 2013 - 1 Mar 2017

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Brunetti, E. (Creator), Yang, X. (Contributor), Li, F. (Contributor), Reboredo Gil, D. (Contributor), Welsh, G. (Contributor), Cipiccia, S. (Contributor), Ersfeld, B. (Contributor), Grant, D. W. (Contributor), Grant, P. A. (Contributor), Islam, M. (Contributor), Tooley, M. (Contributor), Vieux, G. (Contributor), Wiggins, S. (Contributor), Sheng, Z. (Contributor), Jaroszynski, D. (Contributor) (23 Mar 2017). Wide-angle electron beams from laser-wakefield accelerators. University of Strathclyde. dataset(.zip), readme(.txt). 10.15129/16e6a9b3-a930-48b6-8b1c-72805a7e8850