Vertical profiles of seawater turbdity, chlorophyll temperature and salinity



The data set consists of individual vertical profiles of hydrographic data collected at marine sampling sites off Stonehaven on the east coast of Scotland. The data were collected with a Saiv CTD system with additional sensors in the form of a chlorophyll fluorometer and a turbidity sensor. Calibration was carried out by reference to independent water samples and thermometer readings. Parameters measured were depth, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll (mg/m3) and turbidity (Formazine Turbidity Units). The data were gathered at a set of fixed locations around a central location of 57N, 2W. The data from each site are held in csv text files easily loaded into excel or read by any other data handling package.
Date made available15 Dec 2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage1 Jan 2004 - 31 Dec 2011
Date of data production26 Oct 2012
Geographical coverageNorth Sea, east coast of Scotland
Geospatial point57.00000,-2.00000Show on map

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