Ultra-bright gamma-ray emission and dense positron production from laser radiation pressure acceleration of two colliding foils



This data was created as part of a numerical investigation of gamma ray and positron production in intense laser interactions with dense plasma.
This data was generated via particle-in-cell simulations using the three-dimensional EPOCH code.

The file input.deck is the initialization file (‘Input deck’) used to generate the data. The code has about 20 datasets, including the simulation box (&domain), laser parameters (&laser), plasma parameters (& species), datasaving controlling parameter (&control), movies (&RTD_Storage), boundary conditions (&Boundary_Xm, Xp, Ym, Yp, Zm, Zp).

Data embargo until 26/06/18.
Date made available26 Jun 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2016 - 2017

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