Supplementary material for: "Multicellular states of viscoelastic thermovibrational convection in a square cavity"



The main folder contains all the data used to generate the figure of the paper. The name of each sub-folder represents the number of the figure (as it appears in the final version of the paper) that has been generated with that data.

Every sub-folder named Fig* contains a folder called postProcessing. Here we stored the data related to probes located in in different points of the cavity (U.cfludi is the velocity, Umean is the time average velocity, T is the temperature, Tmean id the time-average temperature). These files (also referred to as signals in the paper) can be opened and visualized using e.g MATLAB.

Every sub-folder also contains a file called "example.foam". Using the software Paraview, this file can be opened to visualize all the fields of interest (velocity "U.cfluid" or mean velocity "Umean" and related streamlines, Temperature "T",
Viscoelastic extra-stress tensor "tau" and for some cases the time-average Viscoelastic extra-stress tensor"taumean").

Both the 2D fields and the signals report the related quantities in *dimensional* form.

The MS Excel file (.xlxs) contains the data reported in the related graphs of the paper.

Dataset related to Boaro, A., & Lappa, M. (2021) (Accepted/In press). Multicellular states of viscoelastic thermovibrational convection in a square cavity. Physics of Fluids.
Date made available2 Mar 2021
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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