Supplementary material for: "Evaluation of Wind Power Forecasts – An up-to-date view"

  • Jethro Browell (Creator)
  • Jakob Messner (Creator)



Code and data used to produce the examples in "Evaluation of Wind Power Forecasts – An up-to-date view" by Jakob W. Messner, Pierre Pinson, Jethro Browell, MathiasB Bjerregard, and Irene Schicker. A subset of data from GEFcom2014 is used (Task15_W_Zone1.csv), originally published here: Tao Hong, Pierre Pinson, Shu Fan, Hamidreza Zareipour, Alberto Troccoli, Rob J. Hyndman, "Probabilistic energy forecasting: Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2014 and beyond", International Journal of Forecasting,Volume 32, Issue 3,2016,Pages 896-913,ISSN 0169-2070,

This dataset is made available under the GNU General Public License v3.0
Date made available14 Jan 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2019 - 2020

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