Supplementary Data for ab-initio Calculation of Couette Flow and Fourier Flow

  • Lianhua Zhu (Creator)



Dataset for the journal article "Ab initio calculation of rarefied flows of helium-neon mixture: classical vs quantum scatterings"

What's inside:?

* SM.pdf contains the data tables, each with a detailed caption.

* xiHe4Ne.csv is the matrix of the deflection angle cosine for He-Ne collisions.

* Couette_csvdata directory contains flow data for Couette flow,
e.g, the CL_T20_C0.95_D1.csv means calculated with classical (CL)
scattering, $T_0 = 20K$, $C_0(He) = 0.95 and $\delta = 1$.
QU_T20_C0.95_D1.csv means calculated with quantum (QU)
scattering, $T_0 = 20K$, $C_0(He) = 0.95 and $\delta = 1$. The
data are sampled from dsmcFoam+ simulation resutls.

* Fourier_csvdata direcgtory is similar to Couette_csvdata but for
Fourier flow.
Date made available23 Sept 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production1 Jan 2019 - 30 Mar 2019

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