SP Energy Networks 'Flexible Networks' Electricity Distribution System Measurements

  • Ian Elders (Creator)
  • Keith Bell (Supervisor)
  • Alan Collinson (Rights Holder)
  • Watson Peat (Rights Holder)



Flexible Networks for a Low Carbon Future was a Low Carbon Networks Fund innovation trial project, led by SP Energy Networks. As part of the project, network monitoring equipment was installed in eight primary (33/11kV) and over 150 secondary (11kV/415V) substations in three test areas. General information about the project and the trials undertaken is available via the link provided.

Monitored quantities include voltage, current, and derived quantities including real and reactive power and power quality. Measurements are generally taken at outgoing circuits, although in some cases transformers are also monitored.
For certain primary substations, transformer temperature measurements are available for part of the study period, as are weather measurements.

Data is generally tabulated at 10-minute intervals, although some substations and quantities are tabulated at a 1-minute intervals. Not all substations were monitored for the complete study period, and there are known to be significant gaps in some data series.

Supporting information is also made available as part of the data set, including more detailed descriptions of the monitoring approach; charts showing daily availability of data by substation; and distribution network diagrams and models.

SP Energy Networks are pleased to provide access to the complete data set (which is hosted by the University of Strathclyde) in response to requests which may be made using the link below. For convenience, a link to the data set is also provided, which requires access credentials which will be issued on approval of access requests.
Date made available30 Mar 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production5 Dec 2012 - 27 Sept 2015
Geographical coverageRuabon, Wrexham; Whitchurch, Cheshire; St Andrews, Fife and surrounding area

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