Self-organization and transition to turbulence in isotropic fluid motion driven by negative damping at low wavenumbers

  • W. David McComb (Creator)
  • Moritz F. Linkmann (Creator)
  • Arjun Berera (Creator)
  • Samuel Yoffe (Creator)
  • Bernardas Jankauskas (Creator)



We observe a symmetry-breaking transition from a turbulent to a self-organized state in direct numerical simulation of the Navier-Stokes equation at very low Reynolds number. In this self-organised state the kinetic energy is contained only in modes at the lowest resolved wavenumber, the skewness vanishes, and visualization of the flows shows a lack of small-scale structure, with the vorticity and velocity vectors becoming aligned (a Beltrami flow).

Data held at Edinburgh University DataShare: 14 tar.gz zipped folders containing the core data and 1 README.txt file.
Date made available27 May 2015

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