Selective Mono-and Dimetallation of a Scandium Cp/COT hybrid Sandwich Complex by Lithium-Aluminium Trans-Metal Trapping

  • Charles O'Hara (Creator)
  • Robert Mulvey (Creator)
  • Antonio Martinez-Martinez (Contributor)
  • Alan Kennedy (Contributor)
  • Valerie Paprocki (Contributor)
  • Holger Braunschweig (Contributor)
  • Felipe Fantuzzi (Contributor)



Word documents containing: (1) general experimental procedures; (2) NMR spectra; (3) X-ray crystallographic data; and (4) DFT computational data.
Date made available1 Jun 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production15 Apr 2019

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