Research data supporting "Structural impact on the nanoscale optical properties of InGaN core-shell nanorods"

  • J.T. Griffiths (Contributor)
  • C.X. Ren (Contributor)
  • P.-M. Coulon (Contributor)
  • C.G. Bryce (Contributor)
  • Ionut Girgel (Contributor)
  • A Howkins (Contributor)
  • I Boyd (Contributor)
  • Robert Martin (Contributor)
  • D W E Allsopp (Contributor)
  • P.A. Shields (University of Bath) (Contributor)
  • Colin J. Humphreys (Contributor)
  • Rachel A Oliver (Contributor)



Original SEM-CL, nano-CL and EDS data supporting the publication.

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Date made available22 Dec 2022
PublisherApollo Cambridge

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