Replication data for In search of successful reform



These are the replication data fo the article "In Search of Successful Reform: The Politics of Opposition and Consensus in OECD Parliamentary Democracies". The paper describes the data and the do file clearly shows how the new main explanatory variables were created. The data are in country/year format and cover the years 1970 to 2004 in 22 OECD countries. The data are provided in two types of files: Stata 15 and Excel. The do file is in Stata and copied in a rich text format.
Date made available13 Sept 2018
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1970 - 31 Dec 2004
Date of data production1 Jan 2013
Geographical coverageIndustrialised Parliamentary Democracies

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