Remote centre of motion printing experiment data



Data, generated during production of paper "Robotic-assisted 3D bio-printing for repairing bone and cartilage defects through a minimally invasive approach", including 3D scanning images of intact and restored bone (Konica Minolta file 3D scan format, VVD files), processed models of the the bone and defect area (Geomagic Wrap, WRP files), touch probe scanning results (Microsoft Excel, XLSX file), CAD model of the defect (Autodesk Inventor, IAM, IPT and LCK files), bone milling and 3D printing gcode files (Repetier-Host, GCODE files)
Date made available8 Feb 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production7 Feb 2018 - 23 Mar 2018

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