REFIT: Electrical Load Measurements (Cleaned)



The REFIT Electrical Load Measurements dataset includes cleaned electrical consumption data in Watts for 20 households at aggregate and appliance level, timestamped and sampled at 8 second intervals. This dataset is intended to be used for research into energy conservation and advanced energy services, ranging from non-intrusive appliance load monitoring, demand response measures, tailored energy and retrofit advice, appliance usage analysis, consumption and time-use statistics and smart home/building automation.

When using this dataset please cite the following paper in Scientific Data,

This version of the dataset has been cleaned in the following ways:
- Timestamp duplicates have been merged.
- IAM (Individual Appliance Monitor) readings set to 0 Watts if above 4000 Watts (above the rated limit of the sensor).
- Each IAM has been processed to ensure that it only shows readings for one appliance, where possible.
- The ReadMe file has been updated with information about monitored appliance changes.
- NaN values have been forward filled (< 2 minute gaps) or zeroed (> 2 minute gaps).

This work has been carried out as part of the REFIT project (`Personalised Retrofit Decision Support Tools for UK Homes using Smart Home Technology', Grant Reference EP/K002368/1/1). REFIT is a consortium of three universities - Loughborough, Strathclyde and East Anglia - and ten industry stakeholders funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under the Transforming Energy Demand in Buildings through Digital Innovation (BuildTEDDI) funding programme.

A raw data version of this dataset (deposited 23/09/2015) is also available from the Data Sets link below.
Date made available16 Jun 2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverageOct 2013 - Jun 2015
Date of data production16 Jun 2016
Geographical coverageUnited Kingdom, Loughborough

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