Recordings made with the wireless recording/stimulation system

  • Richard Pinnell (Creator)
  • John Dempster (Supervisor)
  • Judith Pratt (Supervisor)



The data provided includes EEG recordings made from rats during a T-maze task, using the wireless EEG recording / deep-brain stimulation (DBS) system. It also contains test (sine-wave) recordings, related to signal-noise ratio measurements.
The data is available in both Matlab and tabulated text format (the latter containing only EEG information). The Matlab file contains a structure, which contains: raw rat EEG from rat prefontal-hippocampal electrodes, rat EEG extracted at discreet phases of the T-maze task (central arm and holding pen), and also the sine-wave test recordings (related to signal-noise ratio measurements).
Date made available28 Oct 2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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Pinnell, R. (Creator), Dempster, J. (Supervisor), Pratt, J. (Supervisor) (28 Oct 2015). Recordings made with the wireless recording/stimulation system. University of Strathclyde. RP_tab_text(.rar), matlab_data(.mat), Data_Explanation_1_(.rtf). 10.15129/ae7b1d0e-9fdb-4141-9c68-e53e9de04918