Predictive formulation of high-solid content complex dispersions (EPSRC Project EP/N024982/1)

  • Mark Haw (Creator)
  • Jose Ruiz-Lopez (Contributor)



Full dataset from EPSRC project (09/16-10/19) 'Predictive formulation of high solid-content complex dispersions'.

Data represents rheological measurements under various conditions of flow:
Shear flow – as measured in DHR rheometer: all in folder ‘Shear Data’ and subfolders
Squeeze flow – as measured in DHR rheometer and Anton Paar rheometer: all in folder ‘squeeze flow data’
Creep and relaxation tests – as measured in Haake Caber: all in folder ‘squeeze flow data’/subfolder ‘creep and relaxation tests’. Data is represented in xlsx format. Some ‘raw data’ is in .cbr Caber proprietary format but is all represented in the xlsx compiled/analysed data files.
Materials: the majority of work is on cornstarch suspensions in glycerol/water mixed solvent, as indicated by subfolder and file nomenclature.
There is some base data using pure glycerol for testing: in folder ‘squeeze flow data’/subfolder ‘glycerol’.
The majority of data are in xlsx (Excel) format or in opj (Origin Project) format. Open source/free readers are available for these formats although further analysis and editing would require the full software versions.
There are some additional representations of results in pdf and pptx formats.
The above info is also available in a readme file.
Date made available14 Feb 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production1 Sept 2016 - 1 Oct 2019

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