Precision Beef - Animal Behaviour Classification



The data set contains sensor data for three cattle behaviours, (Eating, Rumination and Other). In particular, it contains 18 animals over three farm trials in the Easter Howgate Farm, Edinburgh, UK.

Each animal is assigned a unique identifier XX in the range 01-18 and is equipped with 2 devices:

- Afimilk Silent Herdsman Collar that provides the raw acceleration traces from a 3-axis MEMs accelerometer at frequency of 10 Hz.
- Rumiwatch Halter device that measures the pressure created by the jaw movements and provides classifications at frequency of 10 Hz.

A detailed description of the data is provided in the

External Deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available10 Jun 2021
Date of data production12 Jun 2015 - 9 Oct 2016

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