Oddball and many-standards paradigm auditory-evoked potential data from laboratory mice



These data are from a study exploring mismatch responses in mice that may correspond with the human mismatch negativity.

Auditory-evoked potential (AEP) data are coded as follows:

E1 - urethane-anaesthetised mice
E2 - conscious mice
Dur - auditory stimuli varied in duration
Frq - auditory stimuli varied in frequency
Int - auditory stimuli varied in intensity/sound pressure level
Isi - inter-stimulus interval between stimuli was varied
OD - oddball paradigm
MS - many-standards control paradigm

These data illustrate the inherent influence of physical properties of auditory stimuli on the resulting AEP waveform, and correspondingly the mismatch response, in both anaesthetised and conscious laboratory mice.

External data deposit with Mendeley
Date made available5 Jun 2019

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