OccDem - a program to generate statistically-based occupancy and occupant-driven electrical demand profiles.



This tool can be used to generate single or multiple occupancy and related occupancy-driven electrical demand and hot water demand profiles. The data output can be deployed in activities such as building performance simulation, stock modelling, district heating analysis, energy flexibility analysis and smart grid analysis. The input is information on the population of people being modelled. The programme is written in Python.

Download and unzip to any location. Run program using the OccDem_0.2 executable in the main folder. Win10 only. Please contact creator for alternative versions (command line, Linux etc.)

This version is an updated version of OccDem_0d uploaded previously and should be used.
Date made available2 Mar 2021
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data productionOct 2013 - Mar 2020

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