OATS_201504 Injected Errors Study 1



Older Adults Text-entry Studies (OATS):
Our goal was to capture participants’ typing behaviour during input in a lab setting and determine the efficiency of the highlighting keyboard error support mechanism. In this experiment we introduced a new type of experiment, designed to overcome the problem of participants typing in very carefully (i.e. the “injected error” algorithm). The experiment involved both older and younger users, in different sessions.

Study date
April 2015


Data and Analysis
keyboard_data.sql: data captured from the keyboard *note* due to corruption, some data on older users is missing
Nasas+post task older: subjective feedback data from older users
Nasas+post task younger: subjective feedback data from younger users
tees_data.sql: data captured from the TEES application

Study materials
exit questionnaire: issued to participants at the end of the session
lab study info cards: given to participants during experiment
nasa: NASA-TLX and subjective feedback questionnaires given after each condition
study plan: aims and process of the experiment sessions
task order - older: participant and task order details for older adults
task order - younger: participant and task order details for younger adults

Files restricted for data protection. Please contact to discuss access.
Date made available10 Oct 2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data productionApr 2015

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