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Older Adults Text-entry Studies (OATS):
Our goal was to identify key issues affecting text entry for older adults, inspire and inform development of prototypes and introduce our participants to the project in a creative and engaging manner.

Participants were invited to 2 meetings at the University. At the first of these we had sessions of 6-8 participants in a single room, with two researchers acting as “wandering facilitators”. Following on from their session, participants were asked to complete a small amount of “homework”, completing three postcards noting any errors they have made on their phones during a period of a fortnight and how they dealt with this. The goal of these sessions was:

Introduce the project, explain what we mean by error correction and some of our findings so far, ask participants how they use corrections and what works (or not) for them, demonstrate current available solutions (iOS, Android, Word classic, Word contemporary, autocorrect and underline), discuss the pros and cons of current solutions, introduce the “homework” exercise and explain the next session.

At the second session all participants were be brought together with two facilitators. In this session we presented the summary of our findings from all previous workshops, shared the “homework” results with all participants, showed video prototypes of solutions and discussed these, introduced participants to paper prototyping using a simple warm-up task, explore prototypes that participants created themselves and discussed the outcomes.

Study date
March 2014

Files restricted for data protection. Please contact to discuss access.
Date made available24 Oct 2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data productionMar 2014

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